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Well, you have bought your printer, and now you are running out of ink. So here is when this read becomes relevant to you. What should you be doing with your toner cartridges in Australia once it is out of ink? Easiest think that involves no thinking at all, is to throw them away in the bin. But there is a reason you should be doing that and we would like to tell you why. Throwing away ink cartridges is damaging to environment. Here is what we suggest you to consider when and how to dispose your toner cartridges.  

  1. Make some cash when discarding the cartridge: 
    You would already know that one of the type of cartridges in markets are Remanufactured cartridges that replaces few parts with new parts. So how do they get their business efficiently running? Well, these are the companies to whom you can sell your used toner cartridges and get paid against it. This doesn’t mean that you go through others trash and find discarded toner cartridges; rather there is a minimum quality that is required to be met. Save up your used cartridges and sell them off in bulk.  
  2. Get Discount on Your Next Purchase from Your Toner Cartridge Manufacturer. 
    Majority of printer manufacturer offer rebate and discount options when you send them back the original cartridges. Not only the cost of postages and envelopes are borne by the manufacturer, but they offer you certain discount on your next purchase. So it is definitely a smarter way and a win-win situation to benefit off from your used toner cartridge.   
  3. Give to Charity or Non Profit Organizations  
    Just like our suggested option mentioned before to sell it to remanufacturing companies, you can easily just give it in charity to nonprofit organizations, rather than just throwing it away. These organizations work with manufacturers and remanufacturers to who hand them over the cartridges for an exchange of money. You can also check search them up and it is suggested to check their policies so you know how the money will be utilized.   
  4. Refill Ink.  
    Instead of throwing away your toner cartridge, you can also get an ink refilled in it. Not only it is the one of the cheapest options, but it is environmental friendly as well. At a fraction of a cost, you still get a quality ink.  
  5. Throw in Recycle Trash Bin 
    If all of the above suggested methods of disposing off the toner cartridges seems much of a hassle to you, or you cannot find any of these options available nearby in your locality, then we would suggest you to act environmentally responsible and throw the toner cartridges in a green recycle bin. You can easily find green bins at your workplace, schools or even near in your locality.  

Just make sure, your pick to throw away your cartridges is environmentally responsible and safe and not just your way to get rid of the cartridge. toners-inks